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Welcome to Hijan Tech

Someone once said necessity is the mother of invention, with this in mind Hijan Tech was created to simplify a once previously difficult task. The frustration and difficulty of cleaning floors, especially tiles stained grout inspired Hijan founder Javan Wilson to develop an easy yet thorough process to complete this task effortlessly.

Hijan has a utility patent that will revolutionize how floors are cleaned. The company has set out to design an all-in-one multi-surface vacuum, that will allow the user to clean multiple types of floor with its interchangeable brush assembly and independent brush motor with ease.

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– Hijan Tech Team

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Hijan Tech is the parent company of what will soon be an innovation in the consumer home appliance industry. The company was created to be the outlet for our products and to provide information and service to our customers. So be patient and stay tune to what will surely be an exciting adventure.

Meet Our Team

Javan Wilson: Founder and CEO

Someone you can call a serial entrepreneur, before finding HiJan Tech, Mr. Wilson owned and operated Javdon Entertainment, a media production company in the Miami area. Prior to that, Javan worked as an Media consultant, and IT professional. He has a degree in music and video business from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and a Network communication degree from DeVry University

Paul Vignau: Sales and marketing

Paul Vignau, Vice President Sales and Marketing. Prior to joining HiJan, Mr. Vignau worked for Comcast Media as Director and Sales Manager of the Southeastern region.  He also bring experience from being ABC Broadcasting network as Sales manager, NBC/Telemundo as assistant Sales manager, and at CBS communication in the position as Director and sales associate. His current responsibilities include the company’s direct marketing campaign and all sales-related issues. He has a BS from FIU (Florida International University) in physiology

Colin Dixon: Accounting

Colin comes with over 25 years accounting knowledge and has worked with many financial institution and will be the company’s financial adviser and main accounting officer. He will also work as adviser and mentor for other roles. Colin has a BA in accounting from FIU

Rodrigo Davila: Lead Product Designer and Engineer

Rodrigo Davila our Lead Product Designer.  With over 12 years of experience, Rodrigo Davila is an Industrial Designer in charge of all aspects of product design and development. As an Industrial Design consultant, he has extensive design experience in the consumer products industry helping first-time inventors and well-established brands bringing their products and ideas to market. Rod, as he is commonly referred to, has been in charge of our product development goals since our inception and his technical skills and creative insights have helped us bring an innovative vacuum to market, that combines all the features we set out to offer, packaged beautifully into a stylish product that goes beyond the normal aesthetics found in vacuum cleaning systems. The perfect marriage between form and function. As our Lead Product Design, he has been responsible for managing a team of product designers, mechanical and electrical engineers that came together to turn our vision into a viable, successful product.


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